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What are the properties and uses of paper plastic

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Paper plastic is a one-component quick-drying water-emulsion adhesive. The product contains two kinds of hand glue and machine glue. Paper plastic is suitable for sealing and bonding the edges and bottoms of various packaging boxes or forming glue for lap forming. , Also called sealing glue, paper plastic, strapping glue, paper-plastic adhesive glue, color box glue, paste box glue and so on. Suitable bonding materials include various paper-paper, paper-plastic, composite film paper, glazing paper boxes, etc., which are widely used in wine boxes, shoe boxes, medicine boxes, health care products boxes, food boxes, and convenience bags. And other related occupations, not only can be satisfied with the work of craftsmanship, brushing and bonding, but also can be used for the assembly line of the automatic folding box machine.

1. The adhesive film is tough, has good permeability to polished surfaces, films, etc., has high bonding strength, good brushability, and does not wire drawing. The hand-coated paper and plastic can be bonded within 2-30 minutes, which is very convenient and efficient. The machine-coated products are initially bonded and will never come off after binding and pressing.

2. The product is a water-emulsifiable product, non-toxic and non-polluting.

3. Paper-plastic products include hand-bonded and machine-bonded. The product function is superior to all kinds of sealing glues in shopping malls, whether it is hand-bonded or machine-bonded.

4. It can not affect the bonding function at ambient temperature below -20℃ and above 70℃, and has good low temperature and high temperature resistance.

5. It is a quick-drying product with fast initial adhesion. The paper fiber will be damaged after 30 minutes of cloth. It will not burst after bonding and the film will not be brittle.

The above is an introduction to the application and related properties of paper plastics. Do you understand? If you want to consult more information about paper and plastic, please pay attention to our official website.


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Address: opposite the back door of space science and Technology Park, BOLUO County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Contact person: Mr. Ruan / 13332911068

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