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Analysis of the status quo and development situation of the white latex industry

2021-05-05 10:44:18

At present, the domestic application of white latex is mainly in the direction of adhesives. In decoration, white latex is one of the most commonly used glue products. As a water-soluble adhesive, regular white latex is an emulsion liquid produced by a series of chemical processes using vinyl acetate as the main raw material. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing, wood processing, architectural decoration, leather, printing and binding, paper-plastic composite, fabric finishing, cigarette manufacturing, paint base emulsion, and the preparation of cement mortar for exterior walls, decorative repairs, and wall filling gaps. And used for the splicing of blockboard, veneer repair, plywood repair and secondary processing of wood-based panels.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, there are currently about 200 white latex manufacturers in the country, but most of these manufacturers produce traditional white latex and trialdehyde rubber. Because these rubbers have a large environmental pollution, the system is The existing formaldehyde, free formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances have seriously affected people's health. Due to the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the environment, and it is imperative to develop environmentally friendly white latex.

At present, the white latex industry is an industry with a low technical threshold, with a small scale and a fragmented industrial layout. However, it is still a basic industry supported by the state. As the industry's technical barriers are not very high, most domestic enterprises are engaged in the production of low-end white latex. The mid-to-high-end market is occupied by large national chemical companies and well-known enterprises in the province.

Risks that may be faced during the development of the white latex industry:

(1) Risks of industry supervision

The National Mandatory Standard (GB18583-2001) promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China puts forward ten mandatory requirements for the limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration and decoration materials, and mainly imposes mandatory restrictions on trialdehyde glue and polymer emulsion. In the future, as the country's environmental protection requirements increase, various regulations will be stricter and the barriers to entry will also be higher. If it fails to comply with the regulations of the relevant state departments, the production and operation of the enterprise may be suspended or cancelled, which will have a significant impact on the production and operation of the enterprise.

(2) Risk of intensified industry competition

my country is in the stage of large-scale urbanization. Urbanization will directly drive the development of building materials, home furnishings and other fields. In this environment, people’s living standards and consumption levels have generally increased their pursuit of decorative materials. The material industry will show steady growth. Benefiting from this general environment and the good brand effect of the company's products across the country, the average unit price of the company's white latex sales has shown a steady upward trend. However, as more and more companies join the competition in the mid-to-high-end market, if the company cannot continue to maintain or improve the quality of its products, it will face the risk of a decline in market share.

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Address: opposite the back door of space science and Technology Park, BOLUO County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Contact person: Mr. Ruan / 13332911068

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